Settling for less...?

I found myself driving across town (bout 40 minutes from my house at rush hour) to my favorite Italian market/cafe just because I KNOW they have a certain quality of ingredients I can't really do without....basically I drove 40 minutes for flour and cheese (fresh parm and pecorino, imported from Italy, and 'semola di grano duro', for pasta). And they actually aren't more expensive than the grocery store across the street from my house, actually cheaper and better quality (irony).

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys have some ingredients you simply will NOT budge and settle for less (whether at home or in a restaurant) just for convenience or price. For me, obviously pasta flour and cheese, and also seafood (fish in particular). I'll settle for cheaper wine once in a while, mid-grade olive oil (sometimes), pizza and pasta at restaurants, etc. At home cooking for myself, I'm a little more particular.

How bout you guys/girls???


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