Pizza Orgasmica in Santa Monica

Having been disappointed by the "hype" so often in the past, I was a little late checking this pizza out. But lemme tell y'all: there's great pizza at the very kool Milo and Olive on Wilshire nr 26th st. Owned by the people who brought Westsiders Rustic Canyon and Huckleberry, Zoe Nathan and Josh Loeb, this place is cozily mall and friendly, with the heat from their wood-burning oven softening the winter chill. OK, not really much of a winter chill out here but it can get a little nippy in winter. Anyway, its an organic, whole wheat flour that gives the pizza crust that rustic bread crunch and chewability. The cheese, sourced locally from Gioia Cheese, same as Mozza. And a delicious crumbled pork belly sausage made for a transcendent pizza moment. Hey Kelly, get over there, you'll love it...only one meat topping and many veg choices...Whoopppeeee!


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