Naples, Camorra and the food we eat

Fellow Slice'rs, I'd like to introduce a video I found on YouTube. It's a documentary film produced by BBC2 that aired in July 2011. For the most part, it is about how the camorra is destroying the Naples with drugs, homicides, extortion, corruption, etc by following the lives of two ladies who lead the fight against them. There is a couple of spots where it might be of particular interest to us as consumers of what we trust to be fine neapolitan goods. As a slice'r I found it alarming when the prosecutor lady mentions the camorra's migration to legitimate business sectors such as mozzarella production. The video also includes testimonies of local farmers who believe that the soil and water supply are contaminated by camorra's toxic waste dumping overlooked by politicians, and goes on to claim that crops, livestock, and even human lives have been lost.

Here's BBC's description of the film and the link to the vid. The Camorra, the Naples mafia, is Italy's bloodiest organised crime syndicate. It has killed thousands and despite suffering many setbacks is as strong as ever. It is into drug trafficking, racketeering, business, politics, toxic waste and even the garbage disposal industry. Naples's recent waste crisis was in part blamed on the crime syndicate. Its grip on the city is far reaching. Talking to Camorra insiders who have never spoken to the media before, and drawing on interviews with Camorra victims who are fighting back, reporter Mark Franchetti investigates Italy's deadliest mafia to learn how it has survived so long in a country at the heart of Europe and what it will take to defeat it.


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