I call shenanigans!

So since I lost my job I've been watching a lot of TV. Let's say 'more than usual'. I saw a TV program on the National Geographic channel today where people in the UK who have 'food aversions' have to go through therapy in order to eat like a normal human being. They have to set a goal, and then do everything possible to reach it. Today the lady on the show wouldn't eat anything wet. She made excuses like 'Ugh it repulses me. It looks so gloppy and wet and unappetizing'. She would try something, literally gag, and spit it out. Thanks to her diet, this woman has been to the hospital to have hemrroids removes TWICE. Most of her diet was potato chips, cheese, and crackers. ZERO fruit and vegetables. Absolutely nothing hot. And thanks to her behavior, her daughters were obese and had assumed their mother's eating issues. Do you believe this is actually possible? Or do you believe that its just people who are unwilling to eat things that they aren't familiar with? Stubbornness? Or just plain old fashioned BS?


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