Gel mats

DH cooked over the weekend and now is complaining that his back hurts. He already has kitchen clogs, but when he is in the kitchen for hours at a time (like over the holidays), they just do not get the job done. He claims that the kitchen rugs that recently bit the dust only partially mitigated the problem and now wants to buy the fancy Gelpro mats for the kitchen.

Now, those mats are spendy, to say the least. Before we go dropping a couple bills on them (because we need one large rectangle for the stove/island intersection and one runner for the sink/dishwasher/second workstation area in our kitchen), can anyone who has had experience with these give reviews?

Are they worth it? Do they stand up to hard use? Are they ugly? Will I ruin the mats walking across them in heels? It really would help to know these things about any of the available brands/products and alternatives.

Thanks in advance!


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