Food Waste... who's really to blame???

I saw yesterday this FoodNetwork Special called The Big Waste. It was impactful to see all the waste that goes on in the food industry in the US. All the flour wasted from bakeries, the animals people don't want and the produce that is "not as perfect"people are not purchasing. It enraged me to see how much supermarkets throw out everyday because people are "not interested to buy" certain products if they have a small blemish.

At first I was upset at people for being so wasteful in farms and discarding perfectly good food. But then I thought... who's really creating the waste?? Is it the regular consumer who discard it or is it the butcher and the farmer who are not looking for ways to market us these "rejects", which according to them are perfectly fine??? Sure it takes a little bit more effort and time, but why discard good tomatoes into the compost heep instead of putting them all together and selling them cheaper to those who are willing to buy them?

Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, Anne Burrel and Alex Guarnaschelli did a meal made out of foods supposed to be waste the next day. But was this waste because people were wasting it... or was it waste because the businesses did not want to use it anymore??

Did u see the special??? Who's more at fault here - the consumer, the purveyors or both?? Any thoughts???


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