Dobleta - The Best Sandwich Wendy's Never Made

On a recent trip to Puerto Rico, I came upon street vendors that prepared and sold a sandwich called a "Tripleta" (triple in spanish). Basically, this sandwich is made with 3 meats: beef, pork, ham or chicken, cheese, piled high with french fries, ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce and tomato, all stuffed into a 6-8 inch french bread! This monster will set up back between $6 to $10. Total heaven! There are a few places in the 48 contiguous States that approximate this beast, but none in my area.

So, one day while visiting my local Wendy's for a quick bite, I looked at the $.99 Value menu and noticed a Monterey Ranch Crispy Chicken and a Junior Cheeseburger Deluxe. I ordered them both, a value fry and a value drink - Total cost for lunch $4.20. With tray in hand, I looked for a clean table to enjoy this "meal". I unwrapped the sandwiches and removed the bottom bun from both of them. I flipped the chicken sandwich onto the cheeseburger and viola'! a Dobleta was born! (made-up word based on the spanish word for double or "doble") In my opinion - It does taste better than the sum of its parts. Also, by utilizing this method, you save the calories of the extra buns. I omitted the fries only because it would have been impossible to hold and eat it. No - I wasn't whisked back to a beautiful caribbean island and there was no overly loud salsa music blasting into my coconut, but for one moment, I had that guilty, s#@%-eating grin that I got when I bit into my first tripleta.

I'm no marketing genius and I'm sure Wendy's can come up with a better name for it, but for now, Dobleta is my name for it and it will cost you only $1.98 + tax! Unfortunately, you can't order it by name yet and you'll have to assemble it yourself... You're welcome!


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