Chipped KitchenAid stand mixer part

So it turns out my parents really do love me (kidding), because they combined some Christmas presents and bought me a KitchenAid stand mixer this year. Of course, I'm an idiot and tried to open it by myself, which involved holding the box down with my foot while struggling to lift this absurdly heavy appliance out of the box. I didn't realize that the dough hook and flat paddle were on the outside of the styrofoam, and I ended up dropping the dough hook on my ceramic tile floor and chipping the edge of the top, flat part (image here for ref).

My question is, can I still use it? There's no more enamel flaking off, but there's definitely metal peeking through and I'm concerned about it rusting or eventually starting to flake again. I feel like a dope calling and getting a replacement part already, but I'd rather do that than contaminate food. Anyone else ever do this?


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