Cabbage Rolls - Filling & Sauce Helps, Pretty Please

I got dumped & will start again: I need to make a lot of Cabbage Rolls on Sat. Peeling the leaves and rolling is not a problem. I need Serious help with the stuffing and sauce. The Top Ten web-based recipes all call for Canned Tomato Soup - and I'm NOT going there. Someone out there has a better idea and one that does not include Canned Tomato Soup. No, Damn it! I won't use it. I have plenty of of other tomato products in the pantry as well as hers - a few fresh, most dried. I'll use raw meat or cooked (I grind my own) and raw rice or cooked. Don't much care. I need a filling and sauce recipe that will tend toward Polish, but I'm as liber as they come. I just won't use Canned Soup as as base. Please... post a recipe (or a link to one) that will satisfy and that is not based on canned soup. My eaters know better and so do I. Thanks in advance for ideas or link - that do NOT include canned soup. Happy New Year to all..


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