Brunch or Lunch on the UES (80s/90s b/t 2nd and Lex)?

Hello, Serious Eaters!

I'm always browsing the talk forums here, but now I need your help. I'm moving to a new 'hood around 95th and 3rd, but I've only been to one restaurant--The Barking Dog, which is tops.

My family is coming in to visit this weekend and they're not city folks, so I'd love to walk to a great place for brunch or lunch on Sunday afternoon. Does anyone have any recommendations in the general area? Of course, for the right place, I can round everyone up on the subway or take a cab, but it would be nice to walk, plus I am a big brunch fan anyway and like to be lazy on Sundays.

Any suggestions would be great! They're kind of picky folks, so basic items (with a flair!) would be great--omelettes, benedict, french toast, pancakes, etc. I'm more adventurous though and love to explore different cuisines, so you can also add those in. Thanks!


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