birthday cake logistics - recommend frosting

So we are having an aquarium-visit-plus-lunch for little one's first birthday. The restaurant is cool with the brought-in cake, and offered to let us in waaay early to drop the cake off before looking at fish. Cake = red velvet sheet cake (I think). I plan to make the cake one night this week and freeze. Here's the question: The cake will be transported in a car for approx 1 hour, then stored at room temp for approx 3 hours, before serving. From other comments it looks like this frosting: won't work unless it's refrigerated the entire time. Would cream cheese icing be okay for that length of time? I've made cream cheese icing, have no problems there (and no purist issues with "cream cheese doesn't belong on RVC") but I've never had to worry about the transportation/storage issue. What do you think? If I frosted the (frozen) cake at the last possible moment? Would you suggest something totally different? We do want it to be kind of traditional cake-y, for the required smash-and-grab by the birthday girl.


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