30 year old bottle of Ginseng Wine!! =O

I was scrounging our cabinet for glass cups to use in a photo shoot when I found this bottle of Korean Insam-Ju (Ginseng Wine) in the wayyyyy back of the corner. My parents don't drink much so I guess they left it back there and forgot all about it. I actually remember watching them open it for the first time and having taste when I was six years old! Heehee.

I'm not too knowledgeable about wine of this variety. Any wine I usually drink nowadays usually gets finished a week after it's opened. There's a ginseng root still in the bottle and I don't see any mold on it so I'm assuming its okay. But I'm wondering if anyone with more know-how about these things can tell me if wine of this variety goes bad or not? It's been opened more than once and the bottle is less than half full so my mom must have sipped it every once and a while.

=D I'm super excited about cracking it open after I finish my photoshoot.


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