Who's giving/receiving useless kitchen gadgets?

Four years ago I bought myself an air popper for Christmas. Used it four times, then switched back to the microwave. Three years ago I asked for a panini maker. Got a cheap one. It caught fire a year ago, and I threw it in the snow ala Balthasaar's head in Jingle all the Way. Two years ago I bought the exact same panini maker (ok, it was a cheap one) the day after Christmas. I left it in my dorm when I graduated college. A year ago for Christmas I got an ice cream maker and waffle maker for my family. We used the ice cream maker twice before realizing it was easier/cheaper for us to buy Turkey Hill.

This year my sister got me Star wars waffle molds for my birthday. I'm much more interested in Waffle Crisp, though I love Star Wars. Yikes, what will it be this December 25th?

Anyone else have a habit of blowing money on cheap, potentially beneath you cookware? Anyone buy or get really high end stuff they never use?


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