Who you calling shrimp?

I've learned a lot from my fellow readers on SE Talk and I'm hoping you all can send me some cooking inspiration.

I have in my possession three glorious pounds of gulf shrimp. When I received them, they had been out of the water less than 48 hours. (The fisherman himself drives them up from Louisiana to the restaurant my where boyfriend works and he bought a few pounds for me.) I've split them into 1 pound bags in the freezer. My only question now is what to do with them.

I want your help because want to do these shrimp justice. Normally if I had shrimp I'd just add them to some stir fry or something equally simple.

I generally just cook for the two of us but am open to suggestions for both easy dishes and dishes that are more complicated and/or exotic, perhaps for a holiday. I froze the shrimps as is- heads on and all.

Thanks for your help!


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