The dish from the black lagoon.

Every year we go to my husband's grandparent's house for Christmas dinner. 90% of the things that she cooks are AWESOME. Everything savory that she makes is pure gold. Then dessert comes and the 'zuppa inglese' that she has prepares is FLORESCENT pink, studded with slivered amaretto infused almonds, and reeking of cheap Liquore di Amarena and Rum. Its supposed to be kind of like a tiramisu only instead of coffee its liquore and intead of chocolate its boozy cherries. Sounds good, right? Usually, it is. But hers will make you fail a breathalizer test after the first bite. Its TERRIBLE. After the first time I learned my lesson and went straight to coffee.

What dish do you dread every year? Do you feel pressured to eat it? Ever get caught feeding something terrible to the dog? Did the dog ever REFUSE to eat something terrible under the table?


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