Sous Vide Temperature Guide?

My wife was awesome enough to get me a sous vide supreme. Unfortunately, I've been struggling with it to get the amazing results that everyone reports from cooking sous vide.

I think the problem lies in that I'm so used to cooking conventionally (and going by "gut" or "look" to determine when something is done) that I don't have a good handle on what ideal temperatures should be for the various items. OK, steak is good 130-140°, but for the other things, I'm in the dark. Eggs are ideal at 163.8°? I sure wouldn't have known that.

So I'm wondering: Has anyone compiled a chart of ideal temperatures for a wide variety of foods? There are the FDA guidelines but they are WAY overdone for my tastes. Where's the foodies' temperature guide? :)

Anyone have any ideas? Or maybe we as a community can compile one together here?

I'll start: Steak: 130°-140° Eggs: 163.8° (per the Serious Eats article here:


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