Pie plates - glass/ceramic vs metal

I'm in need of a pie plate/dish/pan. Growing up, my mom had old (over 30 years old) lightweight metal ones that I'm used to. A couple apartments ago, I acquired a couple cheap kitchenaid dark metal ones that I could not stand and thus left with that roommate. The KitchenAid issue was largely that it has handles on each side, so it is impossible to get a nice crust edge. Also, we did something in washing them that caused the underside rim to rust almost immediately.

Looking today for a replacement, it looks like glass or ceramic are everywhere and metal are impossible to find. Are glass/ceramic plates actively better, or are they just considered more attractive right now?

I can find metal tart pans easily, but not a basic pie plate. What's the difference in functional terms? As in, I know a tart pan's bottom comes out, the sides are fluted and straight rather than angled, etc., but why are metal tart pans so easy to find and metal pie plates not? What does the different material do for each type of baked good?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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