New Year's Eve eating?

So what is everyone eating on NYE? We are headed to the mountains and will be doing "rounds". Everyone writes down 3 favorite foods and a dessert. Then we make/eat one round, watch a movie. Then eat/make round 2 eat, play a game etc. till midnight when we eat dessert.

It always changes but some stalwarts are nachos, wings, artichokes,chicken satay and some kind of key lime pie and cheesecake. This year we will be drinking Veuve Cliquot which someone gifted me for helping when their baby was born!!

Since my mother in law is there I have to double each recipe or by the time I finish cooking the round she has eaten it all. I have to put BigMan on alert to let her know "Not to worry you will have enough to eat tonight--pace yourself". Also have not heard back from my sister-in-law whether she is bringing over her 4 under the age of 9 boys. Rude. And I really look forward to her coming as all she will do is bitch and moan about the food, the company, the house, the weather.....oh boy family and holidays!


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