Is this French cheese safe to eat?

My brother in law has a foreign exchange student from Nice, France. Her parents sent my husband and I a Christmas package that had cheese and saucisson in it.

When we went to get it at the post office the women there were like "oh thank god! the cheese people are here!" and they proceeded to give us the package wrapped in a special Canada Post bag, apologizing for the state it was in. This package REEKED.

So we took it home, and opened it. The cheeses inside were soft, as you might expect, but they didn't smell that bad. Definitely stinky, but in a cheese kind of way. The box itself smelled worse than everything else.

Also, the saucisson package was opened, but it doesn't look like it was ever vacuum sealed and it's a very dry sausage. Actually, of everything in the package, the sausage smells the strongest.

It's winter here, and I imagine the cheese got the warmest waiting for us in the post office. I guess what I'm wondering is this safe to eat? Are there any things I can look for to see if the cheeses aren't safe? I'd hate to have to toss these, the amount they paid in shipping alone would make me feel guilty.

Oh, and the cheeses in question are, in case this affects your answer:

Mothais sur feuille Pont-l'Évêque'%C3%89v%C3%AAque_(cheese) Germain Langres

Since they came home today, they've been in the fridge.

Thanks Serious Eaters!


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