I'm losing my faith in the local butcher.

I just finished finals and started on the hunt for the magic ingredient that I've been fantasizing about for the better part of a month: pork belly.

I had planned to cure and smoke bacon for my short list foodie friends for christmas this year, but I've been foiled. There is not a single butcher in the entire Salt Lake Valley who carries or can order pork belly. Wha? I was dumbfounded as I called butcher after butcher and got the "we don't carry that, and we can't even get it" answer.

"Where do you get your bacon from?" I asked. "Our suppliers sell it to us pre-cut, cured and smoked, in bulk."

Since when did the local butcher become someone who only carries cryovac-ed stuff? My local butchers aren't buying locally, and so the thick cut, "fancy" bacon is really just coming from the likes of Smithfield. Bleh.

I'm entirely disheartened and have had my dreams of home made bacon-y goodness readily dashed on the rocks of mega-farms.

Any Utah SE'ers know where I can get pork belly?


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