I Challenge You To Bring an End To Olive Oil Adulteration

I'm writing in continuation to my last post, "All This Olive Oil Adulteration Talk is Making Me Wonder...", as this issue has sparked some indignation within me. Since September, I've been doing quite a bit of research on the topic of olive oil adulteration, and I've come across some pretty powerful information.

While this prolific issue is starting to earn more customer outrage, there still seems to be an overall lack of awareness and knowledge on the subject. I have now realized that we, as olive oil consumers, will have to be the ones to stand up and demand a change.

Just like the basic supply and demand curve, when there is a strong demand for authenticity there will be an equal number of suppliers that find it worthwhile product to sell. So until we stand up and say, "I demand authentic olive oil," our suppliers and food manufacturers will continue to feign ignorance and sell us an adulterated product. And yes, that probably does include your favorite popular brand of olive oil (especially generic store brands).

The way I see it, we as consumers need to get indignant and we need to start challenging this corruption. We need to demand better, because we are the people truly in control of this situation. Therefore, I challenge everyone who reads this to do one thing that will ensure that they're always receiving authentic olive oil, and share it with us. For example, I just emailed my favorite grocery's private label brand and asked for documented proof.

We have the power. Let's use it.


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