HOW to Make: Seriously Tender Chicken for Chinese Food?

We've all seen it and we've all eaten it. Just flip to the Poultry Page of any Americanized Chinese restaurant and examine the list of "Chicken with..." or Chicken and..." offerings. For descriptive purposes, think of "Chicken and Snow Peas with Mushrooms," and a little corn starch in broth to thicken. The possibilities are limited only by the available veggies and one's imagination. (and I suspect that the seasoning does not much matter.) In most cases the chicken is thin, postage stamp-sized cross-grain slices of boneless breast meat, though dark meat is not uncommon. The chicken pieces are usually so soft and tender that one could just gum them to death with no chewing required. **How the heck to they do that?** I understand cross-grain, thin, pounding, etc., but I'm not even close to getting this right. Is the chicken marinated in something, pre-poached, pounded or what? (Obviously, I'm getting frustrated!) What the heck am I missing? All suggestions, links and resources are welcome. Thank you. Happy Holidays to all Serious Eaters.


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