How do we feel about turkey bacon?

Among those of us who dig on swine, there is a general consensus that bacon is delicious and versatile. It goes on almost everything, it's cheap, and it has a place in almost every tier of cuisine. The problem is that bacon, as the Bacon (nee Cookie) Monster would say, is only a sometimes food. It's much too rich to realistically eat every day: Turkey bacon, on the other hand, you can eat regularly without having to lie to your doctor about it.

Here's the thing: Is it worth it? Is turkey bacon just a sad bacon facsimile, or is it a food with its own identity? Do we eat turkey bacon only when we'd rather be eating bacon? Is there anyone who actually prefers turkey bacon, and not just for health reasons? Bacon has a special place in all of our hearts (left ventricle) but is there room for its less sumptuous cousin?


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