fridge-life for saved animal fats?

Just wondering how long various reserved fats last in a sealed container in the fridge? I usually freeze solid fat trimmings from beef/pork straight away for use in sausage and burgers but my rendered fats (chicken, carnitas, bacon,etc) usually end up in the fridge (for better or worse). I keep a running jar of bacon fat and don't worry about that w/the continued replenishing and dipping into which goes on. Kind of unsure about my chicken fat though and specificallly the leftover fat from a batch of kenje's carnitas I made a couple of months ago.

I've always heard that if its rancid you'd know it from the smell but is it really that easy? Also wondering if it would be so obvious when you're dealing seasoned fat as is the the case of my carnitas stash?

Any insight would be much appreciated.


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