Favorite fried foods (and latkes) for Hanukkah

Each year, about a month before Hanukkah, my mouth starts watering as I anticipate what fried foods I might whip up for those "eight crazy nights". Zeppole (Italian ricotta doughnuts) are always on the list, and at least one night we eat an Indian meal that includes vegetable pakoras with fresh radish chutney on the side. I start perusing cookbooks and look for ethnic dishes that we may not have ever known of before. We Jews have lived all over the globe since the diaspora, so it makes sense to think internationally and not limit the Hanukkah food to just latkes and jelly donuts. Not that there's anything wrong with latkes! We love Greek ones (with zucchini with dill, onion, kalamata bits and feta), and go Eastern European (with potatos, lox, and scallion, served with sour cream). And of course Southern-style sweet potato latkes are delish as well. What are your favorite fried foods for Hanukkah, and favorite latke variations? Happy holidays, and happy eating!


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