Cookbook Recs for Mediterranean food...

UGH! You guys, I am so frustrated.

Found out I have a syndrome that requires me to eat low GI (glycemic index) foods.

This is a problem, as I am a pasta-and-carb slut who will do anything for a big bowl of steamy spaghetti and a slab of garlic bread. I cook elaborate Italian pasta dishes all the time, and is a mainstay of my repetoire.

So, my docs have recommended me to look towards the "Mediterranean Diet", as it is full of good fats (I need to maintain my weight, I'm pretty skinny), but low on carbs.

After a cursory search on amazon, the cookbook offerings are pretty sad-looking (Mediterranean diet for dummies!).

I'd like to find books authored by real chefs/cooks that don't include canned foods, and that aren't so much diet-specific, but are real representations of mediterranean recipes (which hopefully would still be low GI)

So, all that long-windedness to say, any cookbook recs? Blogs? Recipes? I'd take non-mediterranean recipes (or books) that are low GI, too.

Thanks you guys! SE is the best :)


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