Browning Meat

Looking through yesterday's NYTimes food section and found the beef adobo recipe. Short ribs, browned on top of the stove before putting them in the oven w/ sauce. 3 lbs. short ribs, medium heat on the skillet. "Brown well on all sides, 4 to 6 minutes."

And that got me thinking. It always takes me longer to brown things than recipes call for. Standard gas stove, use highest BTU burner, no matter how much I have the heat cranked up, never as fast as the recipe calls for. Short ribs here are often in short rectangles or squares, so they, like beef or pork for a stew, have 6 sides. So browning on all sides takes a while, certainly more than 1 minute per side.

My gripe isn't with this particular recipe, which I probably will make and enjoy. My question is am I the outlier here? I've been cooking for umpty-ump years, so I'm way not a rookie, and it's just always taken longer to get that nice brown surface and the resultant debris in the pan.


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