Anyone Here Ever Had A "Hot Hamburger"?

No not a burger that is hot off the grill, or a burger that is spicy. This is a glorious dish that is, as far as I know, a specialty to where I live in Alabama. I live in Clanton, Al in Chilton Co. i am curious if the "Hot Hamburger" could be known by another name in other areas but I have been as far west as Texas, north as Tennessee, south as Florida, east as Georgia, and have not found anything similar. The "Hot Hamburger" has gotten me many weird looks when I have asked for one, but here it is: 1 hamburger bun 2 hamburger patties (thick ones not wimpy ones) served open faced covered with brown gravy options include grilled onions (some prefer raw like my grandpa), cheese, and at some places mushrooms. Always served with fries to mop up the extra gravy on the plate (crinkle cut are the best). Please let me know if you have ever had or heard of a Hot Hamburger. And if you haven't do yourself a favor go get the goods and make yourself one, you will thank me afterwards!


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