Angry And Aggressive? Kids Are Bullies?Could Be the Food or Diet

Lately I have been researching ways to help stop bullying and thought to google if certain foods made people far more aggressive than others. There are some interesting studies that are being done in this regard. School and prison foods for example.

I asked myself if I could recall any angry behavior on my part after eating something and that this "something" produced a consistent attitude after consumption?. I think that is a pretty tough question as I, like many people, could think I was right to be provoked by something someone else did or said. Then I think of the many times where I just do not care what someone else said or did.

An example we all could relate to perhaps are drivers we do not know that are sharing whatever road we might be on. Some days I will smile and wave if you made a mistake but if you cut me off with your aggressive driving I will probably flip you the bird and call you a dumbass. Some days I will just think I wish there was a cop around.

Anyway back to the food, perhaps that person ate something they should probably learn to avoid. Some studies say that diets and denial can spark aggressive and angry behaviors.

My kids are far too aggressive after sugar overloads and that is something I know for certain.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this subject. Do you know or have observed someone close to you that have a tendency to have a short fuse after eating a particular food?


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