What to put in a first-in-ages pastrami sandwich?

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I have an allergy to sodium nitrite/nitrate. Makes for interesting conversations to overhear, as my kids talk about death bacon and non-death bacon. But on to the question:

For the first time since the allergy was diagnosed* I have found non-lethal pastrami. I'm very excited, particularly as two of my best selling breads are rye. It used to make me a little sad when it was baking, thinking about how yummy deli sandwiches are. Unless they kill you. Which would not make them any less yummy, I guess, just lest desirable!

The problem is....I can't remember what my favourite Montreal deli put on its pastrami on rye (yes, you can want a change from Montreal smoked beef, particularly if you live where its always available). I haven't had their sandwich since I left Quebec in 1979, and no pastrami in any form since 1987.

What would you put on/in your first pastrami sandwich in decades?

*at the same time diagnosed same problem with...pickled herring. Not such a big deal, yes? I don't like it anyway, and I don't think I've ever asked "so, any pickled herring in that chili?".


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