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This year will only be my 3 time cooking a turkey. 1st time was an absolute success, second time not so much. This time I would like to get it right without stressing, so I need some help. I want to try to cook the turkey split open (spatchcocked). I like the idea that you cook it at a higher temp for a shorter period of time. Also cooking it split open will leave me room in my oven for warming other things which is an additional bonus. My worry is the recipe that I want to use is a Maple glazed, bacon trimmed recipe by Tyler Florence. I made this the first Thanksgiving and everyone is requesting it again. In the recipe you have to baste the turkey every 30 minutes with maple glaze. In the last hour you stick the bacon on the turkey and keep basting over the bacon. Off course this is all done at a much lower temp. The turkey is going to be in the oven for about 60-70 minutes at 450 degrees. My fear is that if I baste with Maple glaze at 450 the skin will get burnt right away. What I am thinking is only to baste it once at about 45 minutes, than drape the bacon over the turkey right after. Maybe 5 minutes before the bird is done baste again. My other question is if anyone has tried cooking a turkey split in half (spatchcocked); Did you brine or just season very well from all sides? I am wondering if it is necessary to brine the turkey since I will have so much more surface space of the bird to season when it is split. Any general tips anyone has that cooked their birds this way please share them.


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