The Great Birthday Eats Conundrum

So my birthday's coming up, and again I'm confronted with the question of what to eat. I'm sure my fellow Serious Eaters have found themselves in a similar position before. Do we cook our favorites, engaging our shared loved of the food itself with the act of preparing it and preparing it amongst friends? Now I'm thinking a homemade pizza of figs, ricotta, and pistachios...But wait, maybe we want to live adventurously and try something new. That "Best of" restaurant 30 minutes away with the designer burger of Foie Gras and some fancy cheese I've never heard of. ..But will I really, truly enjoy it, or just the idea of it? Maybe what I really want is a trip down memory lane, to my 8th birthday and a Happy Meal at McDonald's. Crap, would my family be down for chicken nuggets and fries?

Too much thought, I'm sure, but I'm interested in what others do for their birthdays, and what part of their Seriouse Eater they like to engage on their own "Big Day?"


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