Thanksgiving Dinner: No Substitutions Allowed?

Today is baking day in prep for Thanksgiving. I hauled out the yeast, the mixer, and set out to make some simple yeast rolls (well, the dough, at least). Ten minutes into the second rise, disaster struck in the form of my uncle, who heard from my daughter that I was baking rolls.

"No Van de Kamp rolls?!!" He sounded hurt.

"These are homemade, which is... better, right?" I tried to sound optimistic.

"I'll bring some Van de Kamps just in case."

In the span of twenty minutes, offers to bring rolls started rolling in from members of the family. (My great-aunt heard I was recession cooking, and offered me some money to buy rolls) I put my beautiful dough in the freezer, and headed to Ralphs to get the dang rolls.

Really, my family? Next year, I'm going out to dinner. Alone.

Anyone have a Thanksgiving staple that dare not be touched, replaced, retooled, or upgraded?


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