I know, I know, wrong time of year to be discussing frozen things. (I like snow cones this time of year too - I'm weird like that.)

I'm rather partial to La Michoacana paletas - aka Mexican popsicles or ice cream bars. Very delicious, and cost just over $1 each. My dad and I will get one every once in a while as a treat.

I love the different flavors that are available, including tropical fruits like mamey sapote and the nances flavor I tried today. The arroz con leche (rice pudding with raisins) is good, as are the walnut (nuez), guava, and pretty much every other flavor I've tried.

There isn't a shop around here that makes them fresh, and I'm not inclined to make my own because, like I said, it's an occasional treat. But oh they're good.

Anybody else? Discuss - not just this one brand, but paletas/popsicles/fruit bars in general.


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