Need help: office party food ideas

We're having a pot-luck office party in a few weeks and I am fresh out of ideas of stuff to bring. (Unfortunately, someone else is bringing the veggie platter/dip and the fruit platter/dip. Damn, that was what I was originally planning on bringing!)

Requirements: 1) Portable - I need to be able to carry everything on the bus/metro. (I'll also be carrying non-breakable serving platters and stuff.)

2) Can be stored room temp (I get in to work at 9 our office party is at 1pm) - we have an office fridge, but will be either totally gross or not cold enough. I have a cooler, but it's those giant rolling coolers and I'd have to take that through security. Who needs extra radiation with their hors d'ouvres?

3) Served at room temp, or heated via microwave.

See why I'm stuck for ideas?

I was thinking pigs in a blanket as one of the items, but a few more suggestions would be awesome.


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