How are all of your leftovers being used?

Happy Black Friday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day. So, I'm curious....What's everyone cooking (or not cooking) up with their holiday leftovers today? My good friend has an overload of them, so she has invited me over tonight to cook dinner with her for our BFs. She's planning on dressed up Turkey sandwiches on pretzel rolls with cranberry sauce. I'm thinking about trying a recipe I saw on TV earlier today for the side...

They took the leftover mashed potatoes and an equal amount of leftover stuffing combined in a large bowl. Molded them together well by hand, then took large biscuit sized molds, coated each in flour, and lightly fried them up in a small amount of oil, turning to brown on each side. They looked delicious!

So SE'ers...What's on your leftover menu?


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