Cup for Cup: Vegan Baking with a cup4cup flour substitute

I have a few questions and some comments and observation.

Out of curiosity. a) Have any of you bakers out there used Cup 4 Cup as a gluten-free baking substitute?

b) Has anyone used it and figured out the ratio of ingredients?

c) Is anyone willing to try?

d) Isn't a product like this something whose recipe should be shared with the commons?

Lawyers and co., While I support the intent and purpose of copyright and patent laws, I'm always dumbfounded when corporations are afraid to post recipes for products that contribute to the general good and welfare of the commons, under the guise that they are threatened by "competitors" stealing their product and driving away their market.

If your product is of a specific standard and quality, you should have no fear and believe in your brand and be able to post how you make your product without fear of being the best at making it.

My intent is not to attack Cup 4 Cup. I love their business idea and product, but I think the question and concern applies to the larger sharing of ideas in general and am curious what folks think.

Note: While I have worked for one of the founders of this company, I am not affiliated or connected to the company in any way. I found out about it via gossip and internet like all you. ;) I've heard the pastry chef is a brilliant person and I know Chef is.


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