Cooking for peers @ work: Do you, and do they think you're nuts?

I've been working at great little sporting goods/army-navy store for about 6 months now, in the shoe department. The people I work with are wonderful, and since I'm always talking about food, I decided to bring in a dish for lunch for everyone, every Wednesday. They're most appreciative, but think I'm a little nuts. They thought it was funny how excited I was over the SE Book, and that I went home on my break, just to get a peek at it. Today, I had the day off, which is unusual. So, since I'm always talking about pizza with my dear friends in shoes and sporting goods, I made a few pizzas and brought them in and hung out. The fact that I was in on my day off (for just an hour), and that I bought pizza boxes just to bring them pizza had them touched, but also shaking their heads. "You're crazy," was heard more than once. So, now one of the managers, who loves my food, asked if I'd be willing to bring in food for Black Friday--and they would pay me for doing it. Who's crazy now? The pleasure I get from cooking for my second family, is payment enough. So, any of you out there cook for your co-workers, bring in snacks for people and talk about food constantly? If so, what do your colleagues think of your food obsessed passions?


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