Best point to freeze rolls or dough? Or shouldn't I?

Here's my dilemma: I work for a retail kitchenware store and starting Sunday, it'll be looong days leading up to Turkey Day. We're going to family for Thanksgiving and my contribution is going to be homemade dinner rolls. I'm planning two kinds, a buttery brioche sort of thing, and something grainier, probably made with some sourdough starter I've been feeding and using since July.

I'd like to bake them off on Thanksgiving day, but would like to have them ready to bake ahead of time. My last day off is Saturday. If I make them up to the shaping stage, can I freeze them, and then thaw and bake on Thursday, or am I going to have to start bread dough at 11 PM on Wednesday when I get home from work (please say no)? Or freeze the dough after the first degassing or punch-down?

I'm considered the family "good cook" so I need to uphold my reputation and not show up with a bag of Pepperidge Farm rolls, lol. There are so many fine bakers here, I know someone will know the best way to do this.



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