What's the Worst Burger you ever had in New York. I don't know if it's the Worst, but the BURGER I had at Balthazar the other day was "HORRIBLE," It BLOWS. What a Big disappointment. Met a friend over there the other day for a Burger and a Beer. Was looking forward to a good Burger, but No! The thing was horrible. A ripoff of $18, and a Big-Time Disappointment. I've gotta say. I've eaten at Balthazar many times over the years and have always loved it. Always had a good time and enjoyed my meal. They do great, solid Bistro Food, but maybe they should stick to French Bistro Food. Their Burger is "AWFUL" Or better yet, improve the Burger. I'm sure they can do it. Keith McNally is a genius. Well a restaurant genius anyway. Get better meat, season and cook the burger better, do something, cause the Burger being served now at Baltahzar Sucks! Literally!!! I don't know if it's the worst Burger I ever had in New York, but it's pretty dam near to it, and it was a major disappointment. What's your worst burger experience?


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