What's Your Stand on Spices?

I started thinking about this last night while I was making some pumpkin raisin bread to bring in to work for breakfast this week (I tend to share with my co-workers, since my new ones tend to like it and are actually really appreciative). The recipe usually calls for about a teaspoon of cinnamon (in this case, the only real spice added) at the most, but given that the recipe was supposed to make about two loaves of quick bread, plus have leftovers for about six full-sized muffins, I thought that that seemed low (I usually do). So, instead I added about a heaping tablespoon, plus a little shake of cloves and nutmeg for good measure. And then I realized that I do that most of the time when I am baking. I tend to look at what spices that the recipe calls for and then at least double, if not triple them.

So my question for all of you SE'ers out there is this: Do you do the same thing? I find that if I don't, then I can't taste the spices at all.


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