What Get's Your Goat?

What really get's your goat guys?

All of us here at Serious Eats have a passionate love, possibly even a borderline obsession, for food and when you're in love those emotions can run high!

With regards to the Service Industry, what really gets mine is :-

When ordering in a restaurant and the waiter doesn't know simple things like what the soup of the day is or which vegetables accompany the Special. There are also those tiresome times when bringing out food all together, when dining with friends, becomes a Relay Race event. (You eat, pass the baton, then they eat and so on) Then there are those restaurants who's Chef's think they are as superior as the Second Coming and refuse any substitutions or alterations to their precious creations, however slight. (Despite being geniuses placing the dressing on the side is beyond their reach) Sometimes even the Waiter's think they know your tastebuds better than you, I was told the other day I couldn't have pineapple on a pizza I ordered as HE didn't think it would taste good!

So Serious Eaters, when it come to the Food Industry what really get's your goat? What makes you want to beef? And do you address it, or chicken out?!


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