What Food Do You Cook Better Than Anyone Else?

What recipes do you use that you are absolutely convinced are better than anyone else's recipe? Or at the very least what foods do you make that are so much better than every other example of the genre you've ever tried that you doubt they'll be topped?

Please let them be at least semi-original recipes (i.e. Kenji's Spatchcocked Chicken is the best roast chicken I've ever had, but that ain't mine.)


And yes, I realize this is both subjective and inexorably tied to egotism, and there will be overlap in some of the simpler foods. Let the battle rage. Oh, and please include recipes.

For me I think I'd put my forward my mashed potatoes. I can't give an exact recipe, because I basically taste it to perfection but I give you:

Triple Bypass Bacon Fat Mashed Potatoes

Total Time:  ~1 hour Active Time:  5 minutes Number Serves:  6 Equipment:  Frying Pan, Large Pot


Slab of smoked streaky bacon (12 rashers)
12 medium boiling potatoes.
Whole Cream
Sour Cream
Salt and Pepper


1. Render a whole slab of bacon fat from bacon on medium low heat, crisp bacon on high heat. Preserve bacon, leave fat in pan on low heat on the back burner to keep from congealing.
2. Boil potatoes, two per person. Leave skins.
3. Mash potatoes and pour in hot, liquid bacon fat and mix. Add as many sticks of butter as you feel sane doing (I do one stick per 10 potatoes or so) and whole cream until the mix is white and creamy without being runny. Add a couple very large dollops of sour cream, to taste. Salt the crap out of it, way more than you might think necessary. Add pepper and diced bacon bits.

It's simple, but no one has ever come close for me. Without the whole cream, butter and bacon fat everything else is just too dry. Some people try to rescue theirs with gravy, but its not the same.


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