Wet Pie

So I have a friend visiting from the USA and we decided that, dadbernit, we're gonna bake a pie. But my friend has a different crust recipe than I'm used to (boiling water bachelor-style pie crust), and she poured the apples and pears into the crust (already a super wet crust) before I could put the flour in with the apples so now the bottom crust looks like goo. I took the apples out, mixed in a couple tablespoons of flour, sprinkled a little extra flour on the bottom crust to soak up some of the moisture, then put the apples in and did a lattice top. Now I'm noticing as its cooking (we're 40 minutes in) that I can SEE liquid moving inside of the pie when I tip it a little. Is the pie ruined? Or do I need to bake it longer?


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