Ok y'all, this is my first post here. Hooray!

So I went to Wendy's to get some study fuel, and because I wanted to try their new "hot n juicy" cheeseburger - which was actually pretty tasty as far as their burgers go, though they used sweet pickles on it instead of dill, which is a travesty. Anyway, I got a Frosty too, and the darling cashier said "Chocolate or vanilla?" and I didn't know what to say! I mean, i thought Frostys only came in one flavor...Frosty flavor, which is neither chocolate nor vanilla, but somewhere in the grey (or light brown) area between.

Anyway, I got chocolate and it tastes pretty normal I guess, though it came in a clear plastic cup and is a little darker than I recall.

Any input? Did this happen a million years ago ad I just haven't been to a Wendy's in forever? I'm in Pittsburgh, if that helps.


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