Weekend Cook and Tell: Leftovers Makeovers

Welcome back to the Weekend Cook and Tell. Every Wednesday we peruse the food sections of various national newspapers in search of inspiration for a weekend cooking project. We hope you'll cook along with us and share your experiences, recipes, and photos here.

This week Deena Prichep of The Oregonian is getting creative with last night's leftovers and transforming them into thrilling breakfasts. She's talking the usuals like fried rice and French toast and expanding on them with lesser known breakfast leftover options like chilaquiles (day-old corn tortillas simmered in salsa) and fit-fit, an Ethiopian dish of last night's injera.

For this week's challenge we want to hear about how you dress up your leftovers. We're thinking egg topped slices of pizza, kimchi fried rice, and lo mein omelets, the sort of morning after meals that require a bit more thought and effort than a few bites of cold, straight out of the carton pad thai. Creativity is key here, we're looking for exciting reinvented breakfast creations that transform takeout or leftovers into something completely new and exciting.

Show us photos of your leftover makeovers on Photograzing (make sure to include "Cook and Tell" in your submission title) and tell us about your recipes here! If you'd like to blog the experience, please leave a link in the comments below. We'll post a round-up of your morning after recipes, ideas, and experiences next Wednesday.


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