The Dog House

I went to the Dog House on Route 22 in North Plainfield yesterday to sample one of their dogs. I had called previously for information and had trouble understanding the person on the phone who didn't seem to know the brand of dog, only saying it was beef.

The 2 guys working there who I presume were owners look like they are Middle Eastern or perhaps from Israel. I didn't ask. As mentioned they offer deli sandwiches such as corned beef and pastrami and also breakfast sandwiches. I was there for a hot dog, so I ordered one with mustard. The dog is a natural casing all beef Sabrett, either 5/1 or 4/1. My guess is 4/1. They also serve spicy Sabrett sausages and smaller hot dogs. Don't know the size as I saw the package from afar and the guys were hard to understand.

You have a choice of boiled or grilled (griddled). They will deep fry if you request. If you don't specify, you will get a grilled dog. Basic toppings like chili, cheese, relish, etc. are offered. There is an Italian Hot Dog and Chicago dog on the menu. The IHD is the same dog on a regular roll topped with peppers, potatoes, and onions. The Chicago dog also uses the same big Sabrett, but tops it with mustard, relish, and peppers. No pickle, tomato, onions, or celery salt. And no Vienna frank. Not really authentic; but like most places that throw some stuff on a dog and call it a Chicago dog. Ditto for the Italian Hot Dog. Their Texas Weiner has mustard, onions, and chili. What they call a Coney has mustard and your choice of relish or sauerkraut. Never heard a Coney described this way before.

As for my dog, it was prepared well. Definitely hot enough and fresh. Good sturdy Pechters/Rockland Bakery bun. The mustard was yellow but very spicy. Too spicy for my taste and too much was applied. The dog tasted good, but a little mild for a Sabrett. Probably because the mustard was so spicy.


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