Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings

I did these today. Sooo amazing. I used the links below for inspiration on the stuffing and to learn how to debone a full chicken wing with the leg as well...

I purchased a new knife to help out with the job. Deboning is definately an art - but after about 6 I started getting it.

I made 16. They turned out amazing! I would have liked the stuffing a bit less dense, not sure how to achieve that, but will experiment for the next batch.

They are filling and quite rich. Served with Nuoc Cham dipping sauce. I think they lend to be more like an appy. Filling is much like a spring roll.

And I baked mine and they turned out crispy - maybe not AS crispy as deep fried but my house doesn't smell now.

Go for it. It's worth it. Just try to get some meaty wings with drummets attached. My butcher has much meatier ones then the supermarket i purchased mine from. Next time i'll go to the butcher.


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