SURPRISE!!1!!1 What? Are you OK???

Dude... Today I made a GLORIOUS ham, egg, and cheese sandwich. It looked so good I could have taken a picture of it, sent it to Paula Deen, and she wouldn't have asked me 'WHERES THE BUTTER!?'. I know. THAT good. So I got to on a plate, headed to the table, poured a glass of Pink Lemonade Koolaid to wash it down with, raised the sandwich to my lips and noticed an odd smell. 'Mah...' I thought to myself, and took a bite anyway. SURPRISE! The Kraft sandwich slice I used for my sandwich had gone BAD BAD BAD and tasted like feet schmeared with sour cream. And not in the Bleu Cheese kind of good way. I was HORRIFIED. Nay.... DEVASTATED!!! I had to toss the whole sandwich.

What kind of unwelcome food surprises are memorable enough to mention? A gorgeous turkey at Thanksgiving dinner make everyone sick? Mom's beautiful tuna casserole turn out to be a smile-and-say-its-delicious-then-feed-it-to-the-dog kind of meal? Take a swig of milk from the jug only to discover it to be halfway to cottage cheese?


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