Storing Cheese at Home: Attention RobynB!

In the comments after the recent article on pantry inventory lists, RobynB casually mentioned having about 25 cheeses on hand at any given time. Several of us asked her to elaborate how she stores them at home. seeing as the article is now several pages back, I want to start this thread to discuss just how people store cheese at home.

I usually have about 5-8 current cheeses on hand that we are actively eating (including ricotta/cottage/cream, etc.). I also have 3-4 cans of Washington State University Creamery cheeses, in cans, in the fridge aging and waiting for a special occasion. We love their Cougar Gold white cheddar) and all the cheese comes in 30 ounce cans that must be refrigerated for about $18 plus s/h.

I find that cheese wrapped in plastic bags, as from grocer's who carry cheese, taste strange. Even if I ask them to cut a fresh piece and put it in butcher paper, it was already stored wrapped with plastic. Anyone else notice this?

So, how do you keep cheese fresh at home?


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